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More Services

Mobile Check Deposit

Save time by using mobile check deposit and experience how easy it is to bank at International Bank of Chicago.

Direct Deposits

International Bank of Chicago accepts all direct deposits for our customers. You have the ability to distinguish how much of each direct deposit goes into what accounts. Ask your employer to set up this service for you.

Funds Transfers

Funds Transfers are transfers initiated by customers between their International Bank of Chicago accounts. They can be initiated online and will be posted automatically. Transfers received via telephone, mail and fax will be processed by Customer Services. Transfers will be made only to accounts within the same CIF (Customer Information File).

Wire Transfers

International Bank of Chicago customers can initiate an External Funds Transfer by faxing an Outgoing Wire Transfer request form to customer service, at (773) 769-2686 after their account has achieved active status and they have signed a Wire Transfer Agreement. An E-mail verification will be sent to the owner of the account that the funds are being wired from by our Customer Service Department. Customers must sign a Wire Transfer Agreement in order to initiate wire transfers from their account(s).

Safe Deposit Box

Store your valuables safely and securely in a safe deposit box. Our Broadway and Des Plaines branches have a variety of sizes to choose from. You may access your belongings anytime during banking hours. Please contact a personal banker to request information. Please click here to check our locations and hours. 

Trust Service *

IBC Trust service is a division of International Bank of Chicago. We offer Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts (SD-IRA) and Land Trusts. Self-directed IRAs are for those who want to invest all or a portion of their retirement funds in non-brokerage investment products. As your IRA custodian, our truly self-directed IRA services give you more control and flexibility since normal IRAs do not allow you to personally "touch" your assets under the IRA umbrella. Please contact us for more details of the SD-IRA and Land Trust service.

* Not insured by the FDIC nor any govt agency; Not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by, the depository financial institution; Subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal amount invested.