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International Bank of Chicago is committed to delivering a safe and secure on-line banking product. We use the latest methods in Internet banking system security to ensure integrity of the on-line banking application. We also monitor our system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure on-line banking is running smoothly and securely.

The information you see during an on-line banking session is available only to you. We use several layers of security to ensure that your money, privacy, and trust are protected:

  • Encryption prevents others from reading your information as it passes over the Internet
  • Our Firewalls prevent hackers from entering our site
  • 24 Hour Monitoring of our Internet connections
  • Each customer has a unique User ID and PIN

There are some things that you can do to further protect yourself:

  • Never reveal your User ID and PIN to anyone, including the Bank. If you suspect that someone may have learned your User ID or PIN, please contact the Bank immediately;
  • Use the strongest encryption available-128-bit encryption. We strongly recommend that you use 128-bit encryption; and
  • Clear your browser’s cache or turn caching off entirely during on-line banking. Some browsers will store the web pages that you see on your hard drive enabling anyone who has access to your machine to view your account information.

So relax and enjoy on-line banking with International Bank of Chicago.